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I have endeavoured to make “exotic” cooking easy and accessible for everyone. Most of these recipes are Indian. You'll find a mix of tried and tested recipes that have been handed down generations, and unique new dishes that are a mix of east and west.

Travelling has also been a big part of my journey and I have been fortunate to have travelled to many parts of the world and experience the many different cuisines, and cook hands on with some of the locals.

Some of my favourite cuisines are Thai, Mexican, Jamaican and Balinese cuisines, and you will find some of my favorite recipes from those cultures here too.

Several of the recipes included here are great for anti-inflammatory diets, that aim to promote healing through foods.

These recipes are dedicated to everyone that needs a healthier diet but wants to eat meals they will love!

Sunita, founder of SpicyAffair

Food is an instant connection to our roots, traditions and has the power to bring people together. I was born and raised in England and in a household that kept the traditions of India and my home state of Gujarat alive... 

Hi, I'm Sunita!

Cooking is all about people.

Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring people together.

No matter what culture, everywhere around the world people eat together.


- Guy Fieri 

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