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Virtual Indian Cooking Classes

If you love Indian food and want to learn how you can make your own favorite dish from the comfort of your home, then join me as we explore how to use some of the common Indian spices to make a perfect, delectable dish.


This is a completely hands on experience where we will cook together from our own kitchens and you can either cook along with me, or take notes and cook at your own leisure!

So grab your favorite beverage and let’s get cooking!


Virtual Cooking Classes

  • A virtual cooking class with plenty of individual focus and attention

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    1 hr

    39 Canadian dollars
  • Tailor made, 1:1 class where you choose your own menu!

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    2 hr

    99 Canadian dollars
  • Designed for anyone looking to perfect the art of Indian cooking

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    2 hr

    149 Canadian dollars
Virtual Cooking Classes
Private Classes
Herbs and Spices


Learning to cook from Sunita changed my life! This may sound exaggerated, but it is the truth. Prior to learning from Sunita, I tried countless cookbooks, recipes from friends, and classes, but with no luck. My family would eat in silence and quietly toss away more than they ate, resulting in us eating out way too often. Our eating habits were atrocious, lacking in nutritional value and the joy that comes with eating good food! 


When Sunita offered to teach me, I have to admit that I jumped on the opportunity. Everyone knows her food is absolutely amazing! Sunita patiently started with teaching me the basics of Gujarati Indian cooking. This included first understanding the main spices (masalo, as she smilingly encouraged me to say) and why we use each of them both from a taste perspective as well as a physiological rationale. Each lesson was carefully prepared to ensure that when I went home, I would be able to cook a full meal including a dahl, shaak, and something sweet. The measurements she provided to me were exact and her methods were fail-proof, even for me. 


She encouraged me to be hands-on in the kitchen with her so that I could get a feel of the

amounts, consistency, temperature, and time. Sunita also taught me important time-saving techniques that do not sacrifice on our traditional-loved flavour.


Sunita’s love of cooking passionately came through in her teaching style. She always found a beautiful way of making me feel confident in the kitchen. She and I are very proud to say that I have mastered several dishes now.  It makes me so happy to see my family thoroughly enjoying

home-cooked Indian nutritious meals almost daily, dinner time conversation resounding with laughter. 

- Meetali Acharya

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