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About SpicyAffair

Everything I know about cooking is part of a legacy that has been passed down through generations from grandmother to granddaughter.  It is with passion and excitement that I look to share the history, stories, and recipes with my children and the generations that are learning about their cultures in the new world. 


I am Sunita Mistry, born and raised in England and in a household that kept the traditions of India and my home state of Gujarat alive. Family dinners and gatherings were hosted nearly every weekend and on holidays. Friends, family and guests would compliment my mom’s cooking and ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the wonderful aroma and sounds of her cooking. She is an amazing cook and I wanted to learn as much as I could from her on the traditions of Indian cooking.  Fortunately for me not only did I have the same passion to learn but I had two amazing mentors to teach me, my Mom and my Ajima (maternal grandmother).


My mom and grandmother were both immigrants that came to England from East Africa and India in the early 60’s.  Indian spices, vegetables and lentils were not as accessible to them as they are today, however, they still created healthy, delicious Indian meals served with so much love, something that I will always be grateful for.  


I was 7yrs old when I made my first cup of chai with the help of my mom. From then on, I was her little helper, paying close attention to the magic she created in the kitchen.  By the time I was 12 I had already mastered an array of Guajarati dishes from appetizers to desserts. 


After moving to Canada, I took comfort in cooking, especially being  so far away from my family. I tried to recreate the smells, sights and sounds of my mother’s kitchen in my home.  I have also been extremely blessed to have both my mother in-law and grandmother in-law in my life.


The women in my husband’s family were not only great cooks but avid gardeners as well, growing with love the various herbs and vegetables found in the Indian kitchen. My mother-in-law works miracles in her garden, especially with the shortened growing season here in Canada. She shares her vegetables with pride and my dishes always taste a little bit more delicious when I cook with them.  I would be remiss not to honor my husband’s maternal grandmother (Ba) in England. Ba had the love of community in her and she shared her food with not only the Indian community but her British friends and neighbors. She cooked what she grew and though I don’t have a green thumb, I lean on my mother-in-law’s garden, continuing the tradition in a small way.


Cooking has been the heartbeat and passion of the wonderful women in my life and I want to pay tribute to them through these trusted recipes. 


Thank you for visiting my site. It is a pleasure to share some of my family recipes and I hope you feel inspired to learn and experiment.  Feel free to connect with me to learn more of what I teach.

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